7. Service section



DGB Youth

The major German unions are united under the umbrella organisation of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) in order to enforce their political interests. Youth DGB represents the interests of the trainees and young workers. Youth DGB can help you with general questions about your rights when training and working. You can find concrete advice, for example, in the “Dr Trainee ” program.

Through the DGB legal protection service, union members receive a lawyer in litigation during training and on the job.

DGB-Youth: jugend.dgb.de

Dr trainee: www.doktorazubi.de

For specific advice, information on collective agreements in your industry and support in conflicts in your training, consult the unions of the DGB. You can find contact persons for you locally on their websites.

IG Metall Youth

IG Metall youth represents the rights of trainees and young workers in metalworking industry professions. These are, for example, industrial mechanics and automotive mechatronics engineers.


 IG BCE Youth

The IG BCE is responsible for trainees and young workers in the mining, chemical and energy industries.


ver.di youth

Apprentices and young workers in service professions are organized in ver.di youth.


Young BAU

Trainees and young workers in construction and craft trades and agriculture are organized in the IG BAU.


Young Group (GdP)

The youth organization of the police union represents your interests as an apprentice or young worker or workers in the police.



Youth Migration Services

In Germany there are more than 450 youth migration services that offer consultations in different languages, for example, on issues concerning residence, schools and education, naturalization or also with financial problems.

Overview and addresses near you: www.jmd-portal.de

Online counseling: www.jmd4you.de


Employment Agency

The Employment Agency gives career guidance and advice on seeking training positions in the job information centers. In addition, you can apply for a vocational training grant.

General information and local employment agencies: www.arbeitsagentur.de

Job Market: jobboerse.arbeitsagentur.de