Your training rights

Tips for occupational training and entering the world of work

© Stefanie Münch
© Stefanie Münch

Occupational training means a lot of new tasks. It goes without saying that you not only have obligations, you also have rights. With this brochure, we would like to guide you through your training and make you aware of your rights.

Please note: this brochure covers the rights and obligations of trainees that are subject to the Occupational Training Act. Nursing students, for example, are covered by the Nursing Training Act.

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  1. Occupational training:tips and tricks for your training
    Training content
    Dual system? Vocational school? Training provider?
    Quality of training?
    “Time to get started!”
    Why do I need a medical check-up before and during my training?
    What about training materials?
    What about daily work times?
    How does vocational school time affect working time?
    How much holiday am I entitled to?
    What about money?
    Why do I have to keep proof of training?
    Don’t be scared of exams!
    Don’t be scared of being fired: trainees can’t be fired without good reason!
    What can I do about unfair dismissal?
    What if a trainee gets pregnant during their training?
    What if my company experiences financial difficulties?

  2. Have a Say in Your Workplace and Vocational School:What Can You Do?
    Student representation (SV)
    Works council or staff council
    Youth and trainee representation (JAV)
    Interest representation (IV) for trainees at training institutions
    Persons of trust and disabled representation

  3. Money: financial support during your training

  4. Occupational health and safety: keeping you safe!

  5. After your training: what now?
    Which union is right for me?
    What does the youth union do and what are its aims?
    Problems with nazis at your vocational school or workplace?

  6. Unions: what do they do?

  7. Training glossary: from written warnings to reference code