Quality of training?

Training quality includes everything that would make your training experience a time of qualified, high-quality learning.

  1. In order to offer qualified training, your employer (trainer) must employ sufficient trainers within the business that have enough time for training and regular development. There must also be qualified training agents in individual departments that are there for you. Trainees that are alone in a department with insufficient staff are not being trained!
  2. Your employer must provide sufficient training materials (e.g. computer). As a youth union, we are also able to provide vocational school materials and documents for free, which is currently not covered by law.
  3. Regular checks of training materials ensure that defects are discovered and establish what’s important. It is essential that each and every trainee receives a factual and temporal breakdown for operational training (training plan). This plan is necessary to understand the training schedule and check that training content is being taught.
  4. Examination preparation between interim and final exams allow trainees to prepare with the support of trainers. As a youth union, we promote allowing trainees an appropriate amount of free time in the run-up to these exams.
  5. Having a say in occupational training promotes high-quality training and ensures that democracy doesn’t end at the factory gates. Only when youth and trainee representatives and other interest representatives are able to participate and speak up can trainees be heard and affect parts of their own training.

 “Time to get started!”