“Time to get started!”

Training begins with a probation period. This probation period gives you and your training provider the chance to get to know each other, and work out whether you are really suited to the career.

This probation period should be at least one month long, and should not be any longer than four months. Other agreements are not allowed in the training contract. Lesson blocks at the vocational school or illness are not grounds for a longer probation period. The probation period can only be extended in the case of illness if this is expressly agreed in the training contract. However, courts frown upon this extension if it means that the statutory maximum of four months is exceeded. In accordance with current law issued by the Hessian state court, any such agreement could be invalid (Hessian LAG Court, judgement from 02.06.2015, AZ: 4 Sa 1465/14). In full-time training, the first half-year is often considered the probation period.

 Why do I need a medical check-up before and during my training?