What about training materials?

Do you have to pay for your own work materials and tools? If so, you should refuse – this is not allowed. The employer must provide you with all training materials free of charge. “Training materials” include everything you need for your training at a training provider or business premises (not at the vocational school) – short hand books, textbooks, hair scissors, tools, materials etc.

Even if training materials are provided, it is also important to ensure that equipment such as computers or drawing tables are actually available for use by trainees within the allocated times.

They must be available for training purposes, and not mostly used by staff.

§14 of the Occupational Training Act states:

“Trainers must provide trainees free of charge with all training materials, especially work tools and materials, that are necessary for occupational training and sitting interim and final exams, even if these take place after the end of the training.” Books and teaching materials required for the vocational school are not provided by the trainer.

 What about daily work times?