How does vocational school time affect working time?

In general, the following applies: as a trainee, you must be excused from work for vocational school lessons and trips.

The following additional regulations from the Youth Workers Protection Act apply to trainees under 18:

  • Young people are not allowed to work before a lesson beginning before 9am.
  • Young trainees are not allowed to work on a school day consisting of more than five 45-minutes lessons. This only applies to one day a week: on the second applicable school day, you may also work.
  • In weeks with lesson blocks of at least 25 hours across 5 days, trainees under 18 are not allowed to work.

The following regulations apply to trainees over 18 years of age:

  • Trainees are not allowed to work before a lesson beginning before 9am.
  • Otherwise, lesson times – with breaks, free periods and travel time between school and work – shall only be calculated against work time if they are within your training time.

For adult trainees: after school, you also have to work the remaining time left in your daily training time. For example, if you had school from 8am to 2pm and would normally work from 10am to 6pm on this day, and your journey from school to work takes 30 minutes, the time between 10am and 2:30pm would be taken away from your work time for that day. As the total time on this day corresponds with the legal maximum working time, i.e. 10 hours without a break, you will be required to work until 6pm.

You only have to turn up for work before school if your first lesson begins at 9am or later. If your lesson begins at 9:15am and you are in the work rota for 7am, you must go to work before your lesson – you are allowed to leave work so that you get to your lesson on time.

These are the legal regulations. However, it could be that a tariff contact or operational agreement outlines other rules, for example that you do not have to come into work after school, or that school times are always counted as work time. Get in touch with your works council or staff council, youth and trainee representative (JAV) or union.

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