How much holiday am I entitled to?

The number of holiday days allocated must be laid out in writing in your training contract. The legal minimum depends on your age.

  • 19 of the Youth Workers Protection Act sets out leave entitlement for young people under 18. This depends on your age at the start of the calendar year:
  • Under 16 (at the start of the calendar year): entitled to 30 working days of leave – 5 weeks.
  • Under 17 (at the start of the calendar year): entitled to 27 working days of leave.
  • Under 18 (at the start of the calendar year): entitled to 25 working days of leave.

(Remember: working days are Monday to Saturday. If you only have a 5-day working week, your leave will be reduced accordingly i.e. 25, 22.5 and 20.8 days.)

Young people from the age of 18 are covered by the Federal Leave Act (BUrlG). This states that you are entitled to at least 24 working days of paid leave each year, whereby working days are all days apart from Sundays and public holidays. 24 working days are therefore four weeks. If your holiday entitlement is given in work days or training days, it is important to establish how many days per week are considered work/training days in your training contract. Working days are the days on which you would actually have to work. For instance, if you work 5 days a week, the number of days in accordance with §3 of the BUrlG would decrease to 20 days, as this corresponds with 4 weeks of holiday per year.

Most tariff contracts include a higher holiday entitlement. You can find out about the holiday entitlement stated in your tariff contract by contacting your works council or union. However: only union members generally have an enforceable right to tariff-based holiday.

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