Why do I have to keep proof of training?

In most training regulations, keeping written proof of training, i.e. report books, is a required part of your training programme. In your report book, you have to enter all tasks that you completed during your training within a business or at a training institute or vocational school.

Keeping this report book is part of your training, so you can fill it out during your work time.

Report books are required for you to be able to sit your final exam. You should always make sure they are completely filled out, and checked and signed by your trainer/teacher.

The report book should only include tasks that you actually completed. If you haven’t learned some training content, you can record this in your report book. If your trainer refuses to sign a truthfully filled out report book, or forces you to change it, you should make a copy of the original beforehand so that you have proof of what you actually learned. You can then contact your union, your works or staff council, and your youth and training representative.

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