What if a trainee gets pregnant during their training?

Pregnant trainees and employees are granted special protection by the Maternity Protection Act. Your contract cannot be terminated during pregnancy and for up to four months after birth – this also applies during probation periods!

The employer is also obliged to take suitable health and safety measures for expectant and breastfeeding mothers. Piece-work and assembly line work, as well as heavy lifting, are not permitted during pregnancy. If a worker has to constantly stand or walk, they should be provided with a place to sit and rest.

In the last six weeks before birth and for eight weeks afterwards, (expectant) mothers are not allowed to work. You are still entitled to your full training salary.

To find out more, including about maternity/paternity leave, check out the DBG-Jugend’s brochure “Trainee, pregnant – now what?”. You can order or download a copy from www.jugend.dgb.de.

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