Works council or staff council

The works or staff council represents the interests of employees in private businesses and public offices, and members are chosen every four years. The council’s purpose is to ensure that laws, regulations, tariff contracts and other provisions are observed to the benefit of employees and trainees, and that the workforce’s interests are represented to the employer.

Works and staff councils can contribute to decisions concerning overtime or short-time work, and how social facilities like canteens are provided. They can also contribute to decisions about whether and where work clothing is required, and can also get involved in conditions for trainees. They also have the right to a say in operational training measures i.e. about the way that training is carried out within the business, and the assigning of the person in charge of occupational training (e.g. trainer).

Furthermore, works and staff councils have the right to influence other staff and financial matters. They can have a considerable effect; it is definitely worth informing them of any problems with your training.

 Youth and trainee representation (JAV)