Youth and trainee representation (JAV)

One of the youth and trainee representation’s main tasks is to check that training content is being properly observed. You can always turn to your JAV if you have issues regarding non-training tasks. In order to have a say and influence within a company, the youth and trainee representation must join the works council. This especially applies in matters of occupational training, securing training places and employment after training.

Just like works councils and staff councils, the JAV is set up in accordance with regulations laid out in the Works Constitution Act and the Staff Representation Act:

“In businesses with at least five employees that have not reached the age of 18 (young staff) or that have not reached the age of 25 but have not yet finished their occupational training, youth and trainee representation may be appointed.”

(§60, paragraph 1 of the Works Constitution Act)

In general, the JAV can only be chosen by trainees that have a work contract with the trainer. The regulations for public services can differ from those for private business. In any case, members of the JAV have the claim to being taken on with a permanent employment contract, and they benefit from special protection against dismissal (§78a of the BertrVG and §15 of the KSchG).

A JAV can only be founded or exist if the business also has a works council. Most JAV rights depend upon the existence and rights of a works council. If you are working in a company without a works council or JAV, you should first discuss founding a works council with your colleagues.

As the operational council, staff council and JAV are very important to good training quality and good working conditions, unions support these colleagues by providing expert advice and qualification seminars.

 Interest representation (IV) for trainees at training institutions