Problems with nazis at your vocational school or workplace?

Multimedia DVD: “Nationalbefreites Zimmer

The DVD’s content is presented on two levels.

The first level is a room, which could be any normal young person’s room anywhere in Germany at first glance. However, when you look closer, you can see information about right-wing organisations, parties and groups as well as their structures, appearance, lifestyle, codes, symbolism and music on the noticeboard, desk, wardrobe and bookcase.

Via the bookcase (book information), you travel to the second level, which covers the school, workplace, vocational school, youth club, knowledge and actions. Here, targeted research about right-wing topics and possible actions intends to provide detailed information and strategies for action for places that pupils and trainees often use.

The multi-media DVD includes lots of text as well as music, images and film material. It should support you in your active work! Use it in your class, for teacher conferences or for coming up with strategies against ring-wing extremism in your circle.

 7. Training glossary: from written warnings to reference code